The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

College of Fine Arts

In the College of Fine Arts you can pursue your passion. Students participate in seminars, special projects, exhibits, workshops, internships, various performances, and interdisciplinary arts to hone their creative and technical skills. The arts run the gamut of all creativity from the scientific precision of Leonardo Da Vinci and Johann Sebastian Bach to the wild imaginings of Julio Cortazar and Tom Stoppard to the telling of American stories in the dances of Agnes de Mille. Students’ dreams are realized and transformed into Art.

At the College of Fine Arts you can learn and develop your craft. Faculty members’ work side by side with students to model, nurture, develop discipline, reveal and explore technique, and share their knowledge of what it takes to become a master of one’s Art. The hours of practice and hard work in each of the College’s disciplines and the formation of a professional persona are modeled by our faculty who model the same dedication and commitment that they are trained to cultivate in our students.

The Arts inform everything we do in the Valley and beyond and it’s our industry that prides the pizazz we all look for to enchant, ennoble, and enjoy our daily lives. The College of Fine Arts welcomes all with the creativity, resourcefulness and resolution to pursue your passion and develop your craft.


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