The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

College of Liberal Arts

Built on the foundations of three colleges from our two legacy institutions, the UTRGV College of Liberal Arts embraces the notion that the great strengths of our traditional academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences must be harnessed and organized so our students can enjoy the advantages of a strong liberal arts education, meet the challenges and opportunities embodied in UTRGV’s guiding principles, and better serve the needs of the Rio Grande Valley, state, nation and global community. By joining the strengths of the humanities with those of the social sciences we can develop students who better understand the complex nature of the problems and opportunities we face and cannot be approached in a piecemeal manner. Rather, they will understand that to meet challenges and exploit opportunities they need to avail themselves of the bodies of knowledge developed by multiple disciplines, be able to critically evaluate them, and effectively communicate and implement the solutions they develop.


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