The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Message from the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Patricia McHatton

Dr. Patricia M. Alvarez McHatton

Welcome to

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Academic Affairs is honored to play a key leadership role in the institution’s vision “to be one of the nation’s leaders in higher education, its premier Hispanic-serving institution, and a highly engaged bilingual university, with exceptional educational, research, and creative opportunities that serve as catalysts for transformation in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.”  Our work is guided by five core priorities:
  • Student Success
  • Community Engagement
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Research Impacting the Rio Grande Valley & Beyond
  • Health & Medical Education

Another important component for UTRGV is our focus on becoming a bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate institution. Thus, we endeavor to hire faculty that will allow us to expand our academic programs and scholarship in these areas.

Our students have a wide range of programs from which to choose.  We provide multiple opportunities for our students to apply their learning through community-based instruction and work with faculty on research impacting the region and beyond.  Through our PROMISE Programs, students are provided supports to ensure they graduate in four years. These include connections to students and faculty, access to courses and high impact educational experiences, and academic advising and career development.  

With a focus on student success and the goal of building an emerging research institution, it is our goal to identify, recruit, and retain highly qualified, talented, and diverse faculty members committed to UTRGV’s Transforming Our World Strategic Plan, including the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research/scholarship, health care, and service, including community engagement.

We are excited at the opportunities and possibilities available as we move forward in creating a new, innovative, and transformative institution of higher education.

We are honored that you have chosen UTRGV for your undergraduate education and that you will be joining us on this exciting journey as we transform higher education in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.