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Admission, Recruitment and Student Services

Edinburg Medical Education Building 1.130

Phone: 956.296.1600


Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

Role of the Admissions Office

The Admissions Office is charged with recruitment and management of admission applications for the School of Medicine. All applications come through the Texas Medical and Dental Student Application Service (TMDSAS) and are processed, reviewed, evaluated and considered for admissions by the SOM Admissions Committee through a holistic process. For detailed admissions information, including programs available and admissions application process, please visit the SOM Admissions page.

International Applicants

UTRGV School of Medicine only considers applicants who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents with permanent INS documentation in their possession may matriculate. Applicant files that do not fit one of these categories will not be considered for an interview.

Admissions with Advanced Standing (Transfers)

At present, UTRGV School of Medicine is not accepting Advanced Standing (Transfer) applicants.

Application Process

Those interested in applying may submit through the Texas Medical and Dental Student Application Service (TMDSAS). Applications open in early May and close at the end of September. You may find detailed information on the application process on the TMDSAS website, at Each applicant will be required to complete a short Supplemental Application, at a minimal cost. This institution honors the TMDSAS and AMCAS Fee Assistance Program waiver as a basis for waiving the Supplemental Application fee. Offers of admission will be made based on the TMDSAS timeline.

The UTRGV School of Medicine conducts criminal background and other reference checks on candidates selected for admission. This process may include online research, especially a review of social media. It is highly recommended that you conduct a thorough review of your social media account(s) early in the application process. For questions, please contact the Admissions Office at (956) 296-1600 or via email at

Required Coursework

Completion of 90 Semester credit hours are required. Additionally, a minimum grade of C or better is required for all Prerequisite courses. For a list of Prescribed Coursework, Click Here.

Interview Process and Requirements for Interview Consideration

Applicants selected for an interview will be sent a notification via email. Interviews are conducted from August through January. Detailed information will be made available to those who receive an invitation.

Interviews for the newly established Early Decision Program (EDP) will take place in late June and July.

State Residency Classification

TMDSAS is responsible for certifying State residency. The UTRGV School of Medicine does not accept students who are not Permanent U.S. Residents (green card holders) or U.S. citizens.

Criminal Background Checks

Applicants who have received an offer of admission must submit to and satisfactorily complete a background check review as a condition of matriculation to the SOM. An offer of admission will not be final until the completion of the criminal background check(s) with results deemed satisfactory. Admission may be denied or rescinded based on a review of the criminal background check.

Additionally, students who are currently enrolled may have to submit to, and satisfactorily complete, a background check review as a condition to enrolling or participating in educational experiences at affiliated clinical sites as required. Students who return from a leave of absence may also require a criminal background check. Students who refuse to submit to the criminal background check or do not pass the criminal background check review may be dismissed from the medical education program.

Ref. SOM Policy EAA077

Required Immunizations

All students are required to complete a Certification of Immunization prior to matriculation and keep it updated throughout the four years of medical school. You can find Information about the required immunizations on our website under Forms.

Drug Screening

Medical students are entrusted with the health, safety, and welfare of patients, have access to controlled substances and confidential information, and operate in settings that require the exercise of sound, professional judgment and ethical behavior. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine (UTRGV SOM) has a responsibility to assure that patients are not under the care of impaired persons. Thus, an assessment of a medical student’s suitability to function in such a setting is imperative to promote the highest level of integrity in health care services, the safety interests of patients, a professional workplace, and the medical student’s ability to obtain licensure. Additionally, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is obligated to meet the contractual requirements contained in affiliation agreements between the university and its clinical healthcare partners. To facilitate these requirements, the UTRGV SOM will require urine drug screens for all accepted applicants and enrolled students.

All persons accepted for admission to the UTRGV SOM must have a negative result prior to matriculation. Applicants and enrolled students must maintain a negative urine drug screen to fulfill the requirements of the program. Applicants or students with a positive test may not be guaranteed admission, continued enrollment in the educational program, allowed on clinical rotations or remain eligible for graduation with the MD degree. Students may be required to complete additional re-screening at any point, if there is reason to believe a student may be using or misusing drugs or other substances or if there is an extended absence from the education program.

A positive test will result in a report to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, who may request additional evaluation. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs shall report all findings to the Medical Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee (MSEPC) for intervention and/or possible disciplinary action as authorized by policies, rules and regulations imposed by the university. 

A positive test may result in the withdrawal of an offer of acceptance, or, if after matriculation, dismissal from the program. In addition, an applicant’s or enrolled student’s failure to cooperate with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs or the MSEPC in their investigations shall constitute grounds for rescission of an offer of admission or dismissal from the SOM.

The expenses related to drug testing are borne by the accepted applicant or enrolled student. Drug test results will remain separate from the academic record.

Pol. # EAA011

Technical Standards for Medical School Admission, Academic Progression and Graduation

Students will be asked on a yearly basis to sign off on the Technical Standards, which are necessary to ensure that UTRGV SOM students have the ability to complete all aspects of the medical school curriculum and develop the personal attributes required by the faculty at graduation. For the Technical Standards document, please click here.