Continuous Enrollment Policies

All graduate students are expected to enroll and pay tuition and fees by the required deadline of the fall and spring semester or module of each academic year until graduation.

Thesis/Dissertation Stage

When the student reaches the thesis/research paper/project or dissertation stage of their graduate program, enrollment in the thesis, affiliated studies or dissertation course is required each fall and spring semester until completion.


Summer Graduation

Students applying for summer graduation must be enrolled in the dissertation/ thesis/ project course during the summer session in which he or she intends to graduate. Departments can determine the number of hours required each semester to accomplish continuous enrollment. The only alternative to continuous enrollment is a leave of absence (see following section).

If the student who is not approved for a leave of absence fails to enroll by the required deadline for enrollment, she/he may not return to the University without applying for readmission. The student must apply for readmission to the Graduate College and must pay the application fee if absent for more than one year. The student may be accepted for readmission, or the student may be denied readmission by either the Graduate College or graduate program.

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