Fiscal Policies

The cost of attending The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is relatively low – approximately $3,359.57 per semester in 2017-2018 for nine hours of required tuition and fees for a graduate student who is a resident of Texas. A student financial aid program offering part-time employment, scholarships, grants, and loans help students at The University of Rio Grande Valley meet the costs of attending college. For more information on financial aid, see the Financial Assistance section on this catalog.

Financial Responsibility

State universities cannot extend credit. Students are expected to meet financial obligations to the University within the designated time allowed. Tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration, and students are not entitled to enter class or laboratory until all these charges have been paid.

Other charges are due within 10 days after a bill is rendered by the university, or according to the special payment instructions that may be printed on the bill. Failure to pay the amount owed in the allotted time can result in withdrawal from classes; the withholding of registration privileges, official transcripts, grades and degrees, university disciplinary action, and other penalties and actions authorized by law. When full payment of Tuition and Fees is not received by the first tuition due date, a non-refundable $50 late payment fee will be assessed to the student’s account.

A student is only registered in the university and entitled to university privileges after he or she has paid all required tuition and fees. A hold against reentry is imposed on a student who fails to pay a debt owed to the university.

Initial payment of tuition and fees may be made by personal check, money order payable to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only), or cash. Students are advised to exercise care in paying charges by check. When a bad check for tuition and fees is returned to the university, a $25 non-refundable returned check service charge is assessed, and the student is given 10 days from receipt of notice to make full payment by cash, cashier’s check, or money order. Failure to comply will result in the penalties described above.

A listing of non-refundable fees is shown below:

Credit Card Convenience Fee 1.9% added for credit card payments applied to student account billings
Emergency Loan Origination Fee 1% of loan amount
Emergency Loan Late Payment Fee

Balance up to $500: $10 per month
Balance $500.01 - $1000: $20 per month
Balance greater than $1000: $30 per month
Maximum Charge: $90
Installment Plan Processing Fee $ 30 per academic term
Installment Late Payment Fee $5 per late payment; additional $25 if not paid within 3 days after the due date
Late Payment Fee $50 per academic term
Loan Application Fee $5
Loan Late Payment Fee $5 per month; $30 maximum
Returned Check Fee $25


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