Student Rights and Responsibilities

Purchase of Textbooks

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley advises students that they are not under any obligation to purchase a textbook from a university-affiliated bookstore. The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer including an online retailer. (Texas Education Code, Section 51.9705; 19 TAC 4.215). Information regarding textbooks and supplemental materials for specific courses including the International Standard Book Number and retail price information is included in the course schedule which can be accessed through

Student Travel

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley has set forth University rules and procedures regarding student and pre-college University program participant travel and to comply with The University of Texas System policy and State Law (Texas Education Code, Section §51.949) relating to student travel. University students may travel off campus when representing a student organization or University department or engaging in intercollegiate competition. Examples of student travel include, but are not limited to, class field trips; attendance at scholarly or professional conferences; University-funded student organization travel; class trips for educational or cultural enrichment; athletic, student publication, dramatic, music or forensic competition or performances; or student leadership conferences. All student travel must be registered with and approved by the Dean of Students or his or her designee. For more information visit the Student Travel website.

Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits

Unless otherwise notified, all students, whether full- or part-time, who operate a motor vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with the University Parking and Transportation Services department. A repositionable permit to be placed on the vehicle indicating the permit number and parking zone will be provided upon payment of the appropriate fee. All vehicles parking on campus must have a current parking permit properly displayed at all times. Citations apply to those vehicles lacking a permit or improperly parked. A complete list of all permit fees, citations, and regulations is available at the Parking and Transportation Services office or at

Note: A disabled veteran with a disabled veteran license plate may park with a free University permit in a disabled parking space.


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