The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration in Anthropology (MAIS)

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UT Rio Grande Valley offers interdisciplinary degree programs at the graduate level, including a Master of Arts in interdisciplinary studies. Graduate courses available in anthropology enable graduate students to:

  1. Complete a Master of Arts degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in anthropology.
  2. Take graduate anthropology courses as electives within other graduate programs.

Students pursuing either option are expected to meet with the anthropology coordinator or other anthropology faculty in order to develop a program of study.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the graduate program with a concentration in anthropology, prospective candidates must first meet all requirements for graduate admission to UT Rio Grande Valley, as well as the other requirements listed below:

  1. Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 in the last 60 semester credit hours. If applicant does not meet the minimum undergraduate GPA criterion, a GRE general test is required for conditional admission.
  2. Statement of purpose and goals for pursuing the degree
  3. Resume
  4. Two letters of recommendation, at least one of them from an academic source.

Application for admission must be submitted prior to the published deadline. The application is available at

Program Requirements

Choose one of the following options:

Thesis Option

  • 18 hours in Discipline One (concentration area)
  • 6 hours in Discipline Two
  • 6 hours in Discipline Three
Capstone Requirement - 6 Hours
ANTH 7300Thesis I


ANTH 7301Thesis II


Non-Thesis Option

  • 18 hours in Discipline One (concentration area)
  • 9 hours in Discipline Two
  • 9 hours in Discipline Three
Capstone Requirement

Completion of Research Paper from ANTH 6345

Total Credit Hours: 36