FMED 9110 Family Medicine Clerkship

Family Medicine is a required four week clinical clerkship offered through out different community and academic sites throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Each site has unique advantages and patient demographics. The goal of this clerkship is for the student to learn family centered primary care, understand and implement the bio-psycho-social model, and interact with patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals in the outpatient setting to provide supervised care and treatment. We strive to teach students clinical skills focusing on ambulatory problems involving all ages, genders, and broad variety of disease entities. Students are engaged with the physician and/or medical residents and become part of the healthcare team where they will learn to practice evidence based care and learn about disease prevention. Students are expected to see patients Monday through Friday with mandatory weekly didactics taught by the clerkship directors on Thursdays. Final evaluation of the student is based on clinical performance of the assigned site, final exam, assignments, and completion of all clerkship requirements. We hope after four weeks students will develop a better understanding and appreciation for the specialty of family medicine.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of MS1 and MS 2 curriculum as well as successful completion of USMLE Step 1.



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