The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Solicitation on Campus

The University’s policy on solicitation is outlined in the UTRGV Handbook of Operating Procedures. The term solicitation means the sale, lease, rental or offer for sale, lease, rental of any property, product, merchandise, publication, or service, whether for immediate or future delivery; an oral statement or the distribution or display of printed material, merchandise or products that is designed to encourage the purchase, use or rental of any property, product, merchandise, publication or service; the receipt of or request for any gift or contribution; or the request to support or oppose or to vote for or against a candidate, issue or proposition appearing on the ballot at any election held pursuant to state or federal law or local ordinances. Solicitation is prohibited on any property, street, or sidewalk, or in any building, structure, or facility owned or controlled by the university or the University of Texas System. Please refer to the policy for a list of permissible activities.