The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Pursuing a Double Major

An undergraduate student may elect to pursue two majors by simultaneously completing the prescribed requirements for two majors. A student pursuing a double major must: 

  1. Complete all requirements for the primary major including all general education requirements, major requirements, and specified elective or support courses on the degree plan (sometimes listed as support courses, technical electives, restricted electives, or designated electives).
  2. Complete all requirements for the second major, including prerequisites, and associated specified elective or support courses. Note that a course may not be used to satisfy a requirement for both majors unless otherwise specified in a formal double-major degree plan. However if the primary major requires a minor or free electives, those hours can be satisfied with course requirements from a second major.
  3. Comply with all other requirements for graduation listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.

The student will indicate one of the majors as a “primary” major and will receive the degree associated with that major. The student’s diploma will list both majors. For example, a student who indicates that his or her primary major is Biology who elects to also complete a second major in Art will receive a single diploma listing a B.S. in Biology with a second major in Art. Students are not permitted to pursue more than two majors. The student will receive one diploma.

Students wishing to pursue a double major must submit a Change of Major/Minor/Catalog Term form to declare the second major. Upon graduation, a student with a double major will be scheduled for the commencement ceremony corresponding with the student’s primary major.