The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Subsequent Bachelor’s Degrees

Students who received their first bachelor’s degree from UTRGV or other regionally accredited institution may earn an additional bachelor’s degree in a different major from UTRGV. Such students continue to be classified as undergraduates and must:

  1. Complete all requirements for the additional major(s), as set forth in the catalog.
  2. Complete an additional minimum of 30 hours of credit in UTRGV courses (of which at least 12 must be advanced and a minimum of 6 of these must be in the major field; in the case of a double major, a minimum of 6 advanced hours is required in each major field) for each bachelor’s degree sought beyond the first.
  3. Complete all requirements for the additional degree(s), including GPA requirements, any minor requirements, elective courses, and advanced courses, as set forth in the catalog.
  4. Comply with all other regulations as stated under University core curriculum.

Completion of a baccalaureate degree at another accredited institution will fulfill UTRGV’s general education (core curriculum requirements) exclusive of any state specified coursework. Students will be required to complete the Texas state mandated coursework in U.S. history and political science if this has not already been completed as part of their first degree. Students must also complete any other University and departmental requirements for the second degree as stipulated in the catalog.