The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Creative Writing Program

The Creative Writing Program offers a terminal graduate degree, the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Undergraduates can join the Concentration in Creative Writing as part of the Bachelor of Arts in the English Degree. The programs are designed to sharpen writing skills and give students tools and space to exercise creative freedom as they earn their degrees. An undergrad English Degree offers a lot to students. Whether it is teaching, working in publishing, or going on to grad school and/or a PhD, the critical thinking skills and communication skills taught in the English Major are important in nearly every profession. More generally, the classes and the degrees foster an appreciation of literature and a strong mode of analysis, both of which enrich life. 

Creative writers in the MFA are tasked with producing works of profound imagination, and they get an insider look at how stories, essays, plays, and poems are put together and how the emotional life of the piece is achieved. What better way is there to understand something than to learn how to put it together? With students, alumni, and faculty publishing their work regularly, the creative writing program offers prospective students a path for taking their writing to the next level.