The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Multidisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies

The Multidisciplinary Studies degree program allows students to custom design a plan of study that brings together course work from three disciplines rather than the two disciplines reflected by the traditional academic major/minor format.

Core Curriculum - 42 Hours

The Core Curriculum serves as a broad foundation for the undergraduate degree. All candidates for a bachelor’s degree must achieve core student learning outcomes, including communication, critical thinking, empirical and quantitative skills, teamwork, personal responsibility and social responsibility, by completing courses within each category or component area of the Core Curriculum as outlined below.

The University has approved specific courses that satisfy Core Curriculum Requirements. Approved courses can be found on the Core Curriculum Page. Students seeking the most efficient way to complete the core curriculum and major or minor requirements are advised to take approved courses that can fulfill both requirements. Although core curriculum courses can also be used to fulfill major or minor requirements, earned credits hours are only applied once.

Major Requirements - 54 Hours

Choose three approved minors of at least 18 hours each.  Students should consult each individual degree plan for the three minors they have chosen.

Minor 1 - hours will vary

Minor 2 - hours will vary

Minor 3 - hours will vary

Free Electives – Hours will vary

Free elective credit hours at the advanced level may be needed to achieve the institutional minimum of 42 advanced hours.

Total Credit Hours: 42

Total Credit Hours: 120