The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

BIOL 4430 Coastal Ecology

This course examines the major near shore habitats and communities of the western Gulf of Mexico including: beaches, sand dunes, estuaries, salt marshes, mud flats, sea grass meadows, and rocky shores. Emphasis is placed on directed, field-oriented, group, and/or individual research projects.




BIOL 1406 (or BIOL 1487), BIOL 1407 (or BIOL 1488), and also either BIOL 3409, BIOL 3414, or BIOL 4402.

Cross Listed Courses

Credit cannot be earned for both BIOL 4430 and MARS 4430.

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Grading Basis

Standard Letter (A-F)

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Schl of Earth, Env, & Mari Sci


As scheduled