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ENVR 4323 Soil Physics & Hydrology

The course soil physics and hydrology is concerned with the application of physical principles to characterization of soil properties and to understanding the variety of dynamic processes occurring in soils. These include: (i) the study of physical properties of soils and other porous media, including but not limited to particle and pore size distributions, water retention and hydraulic conductivity, thermal capacity and conductivity, and soil strength; (ii) the measurement, prediction, and control of physical processes taking place in and through the soul, such as water infiltration and redistribution, solute and contaminant transport, and heat flow; and (iii) the study and control of physical conditions and processes affecting plant growth with respect to the zone comprising atmospheric influences (i.e., radiation, rainfall, evapotranspiration) at the top boundary, and the groundwater at the lower boundary.




[PHYS 1401 or PHYS 2425] and GEOL 1403.

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