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MUSI 3280 Jazz Improvisation Upper Division

This course consists of group instruction for development of creative skills in jazz applied to melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic elaboration techniques adapted to the student's instrument. It will cover basic concepts necessary to understand and perform fundamentals of jazz improvisation. Means to achieve this goal will include listening, readings, studies in subdivision and articulation, solo analysis, jazz theory, ear training, and application. Because jazz is primarily an aural tradition, in addition to the study of harmony, scales and modes, listening to recordings and learning by ear and by memory are emphasized.




Consent of Instructor. Enrollment is limited to music majors on jazz instruments and vocalists and to those students with instructor approval. Students should have a basic understanding of music theory, a solid background on their major instrment, and the ability to learn by ear as well as through music notation. Must have completed MUSI 3382 Jazz Theory & Musicianship.

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