The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Tuition, fees and charges are assessed to students based on credit hours, at a fixed rate per semester, by course or for specific services. Tuition and fees are subject to change by legislative or regental action and become effective on the date enacted. The Texas Legislature, except for basic tuition, does not set the specific amount for any particular student fee. The student fees assessed are authorized by state statute; however, the University Administration and The University of Texas System Board of Regents make the specific fee amounts and the determination to increase fees in accordance with state law.

Tuition and mandatory fees are the academic costs required of all students for general enrollment. Included are fees charged to support the student union, recreation center, medical services, student services, and university services.

Rates are guaranteed to not increase for up to 4 years. Undergraduates are given a guarantee tuition between 1 and 4 years (12 consecutive semesters). Masters students will receive a 4-year guarantee and doctoral students (except medical students) will receive a 4-year guarantee.

Each student will be locked into a guaranteed tuition plan (GTP) rate code based on the semester of initial college enrollment following high school graduation and, if first enrolling before Fall 2014, prior earned college hours. This determination will be finalized by the official census date which falls on the 12th class day of fall and spring semesters, the 4th class day for summer sessions, and the 5th class day for accelerated online program sessions.

If changes in the student record are made after the census date which would justify a change in the assigned GTP rate, the revised rate will be applied starting with the following semester. Charges for current and prior semesters will not be restated. This includes changes resulting from submission of additional transcripts by the student after the census date.

In addition, resident tuition, and mandatory fees are capped at 12 semester credit hours.

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