MASC 2328 Mexican American History II

MASC 2328 Explores the experience of Mexican Americans in the United States with an emphasis on the U.S. Southwest after 1848. The content of this course will be presented within the context of U.S. and Mexican history. Through assigned readings, lectures, films and class discussions students will examine the role of Mexican Americans have had in the making of the United States. Students will apply historical methods in the investigation of social, economic, and political conditions that have shaped the diverse experiences and identities of Mexican-origin people. Some topics of discussion include the U.S.-Mexico war, citizenship, immigration, labor relations, education, political participation, Civil Rights activism, and their participation in world events. Can be taken to replace HIST 1302.



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Credit cannot be earned for both MASC 2328 and HIST 2328.

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Standard Letter (A-F)


HIST 2328

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