PHAS 5328 Pharmacology I

This course is the first in a three-course series. It presents a broad survey of the general principles of pharmacology. Included are the principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, the mechanisms of action, toxicities and interactions of specific drugs and drug groups, and an introduction to medical therapeutics. The physiologic basis and clinical characteristics of disease states relative to pharmacologic therapy will also be discussed. The objective of the course is to lay the cognitive foundation in pharmacology and therapeutics that can be refined and applied in clinical practice. Promotes the ability to recognize untoward side effects of medications. It enables the student to calculate dosages, write prescriptions, discuss pharmacokinetics, and determine the appropriate medication for a particular disease. Emphasis is placed on the pharmacotherapeutics of disease.




Admission into the Physician Assistant Studies Program.

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Standard Letter (A-F)

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Dept of Physician Assistant