PHAS 7418 Bridge Research Experience

This course acquaints the student with the philosophy and principles of the research process with emphasis on scientific methods of inquiry. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate current literature from the medical journals in light of research design and data collection. This course introduces student to the concepts of evidence-based medicine and medical research design, while stressing the examination of evidence from clinical research as a basis for clinical decision-making. Physician Assistant students learn how to construct well-built clinical questions based on patient problems and to perform medical literature searching strategies that yield optimal results. As a capstone, students research and prepare a written paper on a topic of relevance to clinical medicine using the principles of evidence-based medicine. Students utilize data gathered during their clinical Track I, II, and III senior capstone (PHAS 7415, 7417, and 7418) to plan, formulate, write and report their findings.




Acceptance to Bridge program. Note: Only Bridge program students are eligible for this course.

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