Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Curriculum and Pedagogical Generalist (Ed.D)


The Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to prepare individuals with expertise to formulate and lead educational programs and organizations in higher education and corresponding entities. In addition, the program will enable candidates to teach in colleges and universities. Graduates will be able to:

  • Lead and administer curriculum programs with a high degree of competence;
  • Supervise professionals and paraprofessionals in a variety of educational settings;
  • Using multiple assessment methodologies;
  • Develop, apply and evaluate assessments, curricular materials, and scientifically research based instructional methods,
  • Synthesize in-depth knowledge of major theories, philosophies, and current issues in curriculum;
  • Design, conduct, assess and evaluate qualitative and quantitative research studies in Curriculum and Instruction and in specialization areas; and
  • Analyze knowledge demonstrated by original research and scholarly contributions to the field of Curriculum and Instruction through publication and presentation of research findings at the local, state, regional, national and/or international levels.

Students must complete 15 hours in the Curriculum and Pedagogical Generalist specialization.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the doctoral program in curriculum and instruction, prospective candidates must first meet all requirements for graduate admission to UT Rio Grande Valley, as well as the other requirements listed below:

  1. Earned master’s degree from a regionally accredited United States institution or a recognized international equivalent with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 on all graduate work
  2. Three professional letters of recommendation from individuals with first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s professional qualities and scholarly potential with reference forms
  3. Documentation of 3 years of experience in education or equivalent experiences in relevant professional fields
  4. Personal statement describing goals, experiences, scholarly accomplishments, reasons for obtaining this degree, and possible research questions or topics of interest
  5. Resume

Application for admission must be submitted prior to the published deadline. The application is available at

Final admission to the doctoral program will be made by a selection committee comprised of Curriculum and Instruction faculty members.

In addition to all coursework requirements, students must successfully pass the comprehensive exam before beginning dissertation hours. Once this exam is passed, students will write and defend their dissertation proposal before beginning dissertation research. At the conclusion of the dissertation process, students must successfully complete an oral dissertation defense.

Program Requirements

Required Courses – 30 Hours

Core Courses – 21 Hours

EDCI 8300Traditions of Inquiry


EDCI 8320Curriculum Inquiry


EDCI 8321Adult Learning Strategies


EDCI 8323Contemporary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education


EDCI 8325Mentoring and Professional Development


EDFR 8322Advanced Historical and Sociocultural Inquiry in Education


EPSY 8318Advanced Human Development and Cognition


Research Courses - 9 Hours

EDFR 8300Research Methods and Design


EDFR 8301Qualitative Research


EDFR 8302Quantitative Research


Written Comprehensive Exam

Students must successfully pass the comprehensive exam before beginning dissertation hours. Once this exam is passed, students will write and defend their dissertation proposal before beginning dissertation research. 

Specialization Courses - 15 Hours

EDCI 8370Critical Approaches to Curriculum Sciences


EDCI 8371Curriculum Design, Development & Transformation


Any combination of three 8000 level BILC, EDCI, ECED, EDTC, EDUL, RLIT, HIED, SPED, and EDFR.

Dissertation - 9 Hours

EDCI 8380Dissertation



EDCI 8380Dissertation



EDCI 8690Dissertation


Students must complete 9 hours of dissertation. This can be completed by takin EDCI 8380 three times or by taking EDCI 8380 and EDCI 8690. Students must continue to enroll in EDCI 8380 or EDCI 8690 until they have successfully completed all requirements for the dissertation.

Total Credit Hours: 66