PSYH 9110 Psychiatry Clerkship

The UTRGV SOM Psychiatry Clerkship is designed to solidify the knowledge that medical students have acquired in the M1 and M2 years. Learners will gain practical skills in the application of this foundational knowledge in clinical situations. The focus is on interviewing skills, psychiatric valuations, refining diagnostic skills, and an overview of psychosocial and neurobiological treatment modalities for the major psychiatric disorders across the life cycle. The clerkship consists of didactics and clinical work in various settings under the supervision of academic clinical faculty serving as attending physicians, resident physicians in training, and voluntary faculty. This clerkship actively involves you in a variety of psychiatric services and provides a general overview to the experiences and knowledge that will form the basis for your clinical skills in psychiatric diagnosis and therapeutics. We hope you will enjoy the time you share with us, learn a lot, and develop a better appreciation for the impact of mental illness on patient health, need for medical care and quality of life. Patients with mental illnesses are a medically underserved population and each student will demonstrate competence in recognizing and managing psychiatric patients. The knowledge and skills learned on this rotation can inform and improve the care you provide to all patients, regardless of your chosen specialty.

Prerequisite: The student must have completed Year 1 & 2 of the SOM Curriculum.



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