BIOL 3330 Functions and Modeling

Students will engage in explorations and lab activities designed to strengthen and expand their knowledge of the topics found in secondary school mathematics and other sciences through activities of data collection; modeling the data with elementary mathematical functions; using tools from calculus to determine the best model for the data; and using concepts from mathematics, physics and chemistry to interpret the results of the model. The major objective of this course is for students in the UTeach program to understand the interconnection between science and mathematics, and how to effectively use mathematics in scientific inquiry.




A grade of 'C' or better in the following: MATH 2413 and UTCH 1102.

Cross Listed Courses

Credit can only be earned for one of the following: BIOL 3330, MATE 3321 or PHYS 3330.

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Standard Letter (A-F)

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School of Integ Biol & Chem Sc


As scheduled