INTM 9110 Internal Medicine Clerkship

This 8 week course provides the medical student with the opportunity to apply previously-acquired knowledge of the human body, diagnosis of disease and disorders, and medical therapeutics to general Internal Medicine and medical sub-specialties. Through a series of inpatient ward experiences, Internal Medicine and specialty clinics, and special care unit experiences, learners will interact with patients, physicians, residents and other health professionals to provide supervised care and treatment to medical service patients. Outpatient clinics, subspecialty experiences, didactic lectures, conferences, defined self-study, and assigned materials will further provide instruction and assessment for the learner to develop competencies in Internal Medicine and its subspecialties. Prerequisite: Completion of 2nd year medical school.

Internal medicine is a medical discipline pertaining to the care of adult patients and encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases. During your time here, you will have the chance to have a first-hand experience of Internal Medicine as an exciting field where we would like and expect for you to apply and integrate the previous knowledge and skills you gathered during your previous years of Medical education and use it in the management of adult patients under gradual supervision. We value dedication, integrity, honesty, self-reflection, scholarly excellence and commitment to the continuous personal and professional growth required for patient care and expect those values to be reflected in the care you provide and extends to the whole spectrum of your professional and personal interactions. This is a unique opportunity to improve and develop the skills you will need along your career independently of what discipline you choose to pursue, including communication with patients and colleagues, history and physical examination, Interpretation of clinical information, therapeutic decision-making, shared decision making and case presentation.

Through a series of clinical experiences, Internal Medicine and its sub specialties learners will interact with patients, other students, physicians, residents, pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals to provide supervised care and treatment to medical service patients. During your Internal Medicine Clerkship you will be exposed to different Instructional Methods including experiential while taking care of the patients assigned to each student and opened ended tasks, including assigned reading (students are encouraged and required to read about the patients they are caring for and share their learning as pertinent with the health care members with the goal to facilitate patient centered team work and experiential learning for the student and all health care team members in both inpatient and outpatient rotations), interactive lectures, student driven presentations, Grand Rounds, group discussions, case discussions, writing of assigned patient write ups, self-assessment and a structured clinical exercise.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of years 1 and 2 of Medical School.



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