COMD 6396 Advanced Clinical Practicum II

Advanced Clinical Practicum II applications must be submitted before the published deadline.  This course involves supervision of the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders at approved and selected off-campus (external) practicum sites. Placements may involve rotations of more than one (1) off-campus placement site during any given semester. Students may need to enroll in additional semester credit hours of Practicum to meet the minimum hour requirements of the program. Graduate students can expect to progress in their clinical knowledge and skills and will learn how to implement clinical strategies with greater levels of independence than COMD 6395 as they move across the practicum continuum at the assigned clinical setting(s).




A grade of ‘B’ or better in all second-year fall COMD academic courses (COMD 6345, COMD 6395).

Schedule Type


Grading Basis

Standard Letter (A-F)

Administrative Unit

Dept of Communication Disorder


Spring, or as needed