MSEN 8303 Doctoral Assistant Development

This course provides an opportunity to develop and strengthen skills to mentor, engage, and outreach to younger audiences, a crucial aspect to further increasing the representation of minority students in the materials science and engineering fields. Evidence-based professional development will be offered to build capacity among Ph.D. student mentors, support retention and graduation of undergraduate students, and engage Ph.D. students in the processes of mentoring and outreach to accelerate capacity building. This course will equip doctoral students with skills and an understanding of proper procedures to be effective teachers but more so outstanding research mentors. Students will learn teaching skills and classroom technology as well as proposal development and strategies to develop effective research teams. In this course, students will also be equipped with knowledge and skills in areas such as ethics and safety. Students will be taught how to effectively design their research projects to be able to include undergraduate students as well as the best mentoring and outreach techniques.



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